How to Stay Healthy in Body and Mind.

In this day and age it is more and more important to stay as healthy as possible both in body and mind. Currently we are all experiencing Coronavirus related issues (even if not COVID-19). Issues like: Loneliness, Physical Health, Mental Health and Social Interactions. There are a number of ways of how to stay healthy in body and mind. Making sure that we try and get as much fresh air as possible, keeping as mobile as possible, trying to engage with friends and neighbours as safely as possible. 


Some people were experiencing Loneliness long before the Coronavirus situation. The loneliness could have stemmed from growing older and losing contact with the friends from their younger days. It is not only older people who are lonely. Loneliness spans all walks of life and age groups.

Physical Health.

Physical Health is easier to maintain when we are young. However, it is not just the preserve of the young to attain or maintain Physical Health. It is just as important to try to maintain Physical health as we get older, Due to current events of 2020, it has never been so important to maintain Physical Health. Regular daily walks is always a good form of exercise, for those of us who can do it. There are a number of seated exercise routines out there. Movement, if it is possible (without pain) is usually good for us. I know that there is a term “No gain without pain” whereas that might be good for the elite athlete, for the infirm, it perhaps is not. But mild exercise is better than none.

Mental Health and Social Interactions.

Social Interactions play a major part in a persons Mental Health. It has long been known that Social Isolation plays a part in a persons overall well being. Contact with others is important to maintain peoples powers of communication, being able to communicate with others, helps with our day to day lives. The current events of 2020 have exacerbated the impact of these issues. Social interactions do not have to be actual physically meeting with other people, it can be social interaction on the internet or by phone. Of course there are still some people who do not have access to or the equipment for online interactions.

In Conclusion.

Obviously, Exercise, Meeting others and trying to stay fit is important in our efforts to Stay Healthy in Body and Mind. Another activity that can help with Solial Isolation is Digital Inclusion i.e. Social Media, although it is quite common for the elderly not being Digitally aware. Digital Inclusion might just be the thing that the elderly need. Learning about the Internet and the vast array of information and interactive programs that are available.


Paul Lawrence.

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